The Story

The first installment and the story that started it all. Poppett, an unassuming slave daul who knows there is more in life, risks it all to save the daul he loves and just may save the kingdom while he's at it.

Poppett and Whisp are two slave dauls that are close friends. Poppett works for a local merchant, Sollas, and Whisp is a chamber maid for Contessa, one of the great mythical Four Sisters who has ruled Avernyght for a long time as the result of a war she waged against the peaceful dauls.

Contessa defeated the royal family of Nox, Avernyght's most powerful kingdom, and has ruled ever since. She created the slave dauls out of the dreams(the soul of a daul) of the dauls she killed in the war. Slave dauls are roughly half the size of normal dauls and cannot speak. They manage communication through thought projection, regulating who can hear them through the intensity used to project.

When she created slave dauls she created them without the ability to create dreams the way that normal dauls do. Ordinarily two dauls would bring their dreams together to create a new dream and the Sisters would normally place this dream inside a new daul.  This is how dauls reproduce. Contessa made sure the slaves were denied this...or so everyone thought...


Contessa is the fallen member of the Four Sisters. The Four Sisters are mystical creatures from before the darkness fell over Avernyght. The Great Gremlin Tree has charged them with taking care of Avernyght. The Sister created the dauls and spend most of their time taking care of the millions of dauls that inhabit Avernyght.

Contessa left her sisters driven by a desire to rule the dauls. She created an army of creatures called Toujh who were powered by dreams stolen from living dauls.  After winning her war and conquering the dauls she created slave dauls to do her bidding out of the dreams harvested from the fallen.

Her secret to conquering the kingdom came in the prince of Nox, who she cursed at birth. With the removal of the royal line and the fall of Nox, Contessa quickly took over all the dauls kingdoms.

She is no longer welcome at her sister's home on Mt. Nuru. They do not interfere with her, however, because they are kept busy with the task of creating the dauls.