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  1. The Planet and it's Moons

  2. Kingdoms and Royals

  3. The 4 sisters

  4. What makes a Daul

  5. The Great War

  6. Terminology

  7. Myths and Legends

  8. Updates and Changes


I. The Planet and It's Moons

  • Planet:Avernyght-A planet of dark forests, snowy mountains, and scattered swamplands. The oceans are deep black waters full of hazardous creatures and plant life.

  • Moons:4:1 permanently eclipsing the sun pulling in galactic debris, causing the planet to be surrounded by a large debris ring, 3 clustered together on opposite side of the planet.

    • Names: Tersana(The Black Ring) and In order from largest to smallest Cathor, Vothor, and Medor(commonly referred to as Norsana.

Information on the atmosphere:

The atmosphere of Avernyght is similar to that of earth, though there is more moisture in the air. The planet often receives harsh snow storms. The effect of Tersana on the planet is that it always appears to be night time. The natives judge day and night by what moons are in the sky, Tersana marks Kanu(day) and Norsana marks Ranu(night). Tersana is very large and has a pretty solid gravity of its own, anything drifting by tends to be pulled into the moon, which ends up constantly adding to the debris cloud. The planet once had a normal amount of light and the debris cloud was small until A large meteor was pulled in, causing the planet to darken suddenly.

Information on the native creatures:


Bats as they are on earth, though on Avernyght albinos are dominant.


Dauls are to Avernyght as Humans are to Earth. Dauls are large rag doll type creatures that are capable of intelligent thought. They build cities, form social classes, and have developed their own bartering systems. More on Dauls in the Entry:What makes a Daul.

The 4 Sisters:

The 4 sisters are the only 4 of their kind. They control large amounts of magic and are responsible for creating most life on the planet and keeping order between Avernyght's universe and any universe the Micies may travel to. More on the 4 sisters in the entry: The 4 Sisters.


Micies are small puffball like creatures that appear to be small insects with antennae or small horns and wings(bat or bug). They are actually very tiny mammals as they have 4 small paws. They feed on fibers or hair; their preferred diet being the specially cultivated Kawtin that is grown by the 4 sisters on Mt. Nuru. Though to get it they have to travel to the edges of Nocturna Forest, their native environment. Micies are quick to scare, are very excitable, and are peaceful creatures. Micies do not use their wings to fly and instead teleport from place to place. They have the unique ability to teleport to other universes. In the past they were used to teleport Dauls to the Human world on cross world expeditions. Micies also come in a variety of sizes and colors but are most often white or black and glow like fireflies.


Ferrelise are bird creatures that are mixed with ferrets. The have nests burrowed in the ground and have wings with a span as long as their individual body lengths. The wings are covered with both fur and feathers so that the feathers blend in with their bodies when hiding from predators.

Gremlin Seekers:

Gremlin Seekers are similar to sugar gliders(sort of like flying squirrels), they live in the Great Gremlin Tree and eat the Gremlin fruit; a spotted, melon, pear shaped fruit. They glide on air currents using their gliding membrane.


Foresters are black creatures that dwell in most forests on Avernyght. They mainly populate Nocturna, the largest forest on the planet. Some Foresters are hostile, distinguished by fierce red eyes. Docile ones have deep green eyes. Little is known of the Foresters as they stay away from most other beings. You may not see a Forester, but many see you.


A hawk like creature that has a long tail similar to a peacocks.


Kolgoth are blind mole-like bear creatures that feed on micies and live in Nocturna Forest


Toujh are unnatural creatures with hard bodies that are like undead Dauls. They are created using recycled Dreams. They are “man made” creatures and the soldiers of the opposing side of The Great War.(More on the Toujh can be found in The Great War: Information on the Toujh)


The Merish are mer people, they live in the ocean. Self centered and obsessed with shiny things. They are possessive and single minded. The have very sharp teeth and communicate telepathically. The Merish have been locked in a very lengthy civil war. When on the surface their fins on the sides of their heads unfold into ears, their gills are located on their lower necks. Their chest markings and face colors are used to tell them apart. Many things in their underwater dwellings are remnants of the Aminosh society, such as gold and jewelry. When on the surface Merish speak in broken English due to limited verbal communication.


Terrain and Territories:


The largest forest on the planet is Nocturna, it borders the kingdoms Lunnette and Nox and the mountain Mount Nuru. It is the origin of many myths and legends and is the home to tons of creatures. There are several smaller forests littering the planet.


The main mountain range on the planet is Mount Nuru. The 4 sisters dwell here and most creatures keep clear of it.


Previously uninhabited, when the Toujhs were created they quickly made it their home. The swamplands are mainly between Nox, Nocturna, and the ocean Herperin.


The Ocean on the west side of Nox is Serelan, and to the east is Herperin.


The trees of Avernyght are large and droopy with long wide leaves. Some trees bare fruits, some flowers. There are almost too many types of trees to name as Avernyght is mostly forests.
The Great Gremlin Tree is located in the forest, it is the tallest, oldest tree on the planet and is rumored to be the birthplace of the 4 sisters. It is inhabited by Gremlin Seekers.


Kawtin is a special material used and cultivated by the 4 sisters to created Dauls. Micies have a particular taste for this fiber and will risk endangering themselves to get it.

Humans:Laws pertaining to the effects of the world on humans:

Humans get to Avernyght by Micie. Often by accident and in the past intentionally. Humans and Dauls were trying to find a way to explore and connect to each other, but an element in the atmosphere makes it so when a human arrives on the planet it is only a matter of time before they enter a stasis like state where they sleep without aging. A similar effect occurs in Dauls when in the human world(more on this in What makes a Daul). At one time there was more of a solid portal between the worlds but the sisters sealed it off to prevent any tragedies.

II. Kingdoms and Royals

Listing of kingdoms:

Kingdom of Nox:

  • The main kingdom where most of the stories takes place

  • Bordered by Lunnette and Nocturna Forest. Touches the Serelan and Herperin Oceans and has major ports.

The Kingdom of Lunnette

  • Kingdom bordering Nox and aligned with Nox during The Great War.

  • Bordered by Nox, Nocturna Forest, and Mount Nuru.

Royal family lines for said kingdoms:

Nox Royals:

  • King Cecil

  • Queen Catir

  • One son-Verite-bears a curse

Lunnette Royals:

  • King

  • Queen

  • Daughter Sew

  • Daughter Snippet

Relations between kingdoms(treaties and whatnot):

Nox and Lunnette form a treaty through marriage of Verite to a daughter of Lunnette (first arranged is Sew but Snippet is chosen because they love each other).

III. The 4 Sisters

Who the sisters are and what role they fill:

The 4 sisters are 4 beings as old as time that maintain order in the universe of Avernyght. Their bodies are black as night and if you were to stare into them you would lose yourself completely to the endless swirling darkness. The sisters are primarily neutral, caring only for their main job-creating Dauls.

The sisters are:

Zilya-Cultivates the Kawtin and stuffs the Dauls
Vashti-Spins the Kawtin into magical thread
Arista-Collects and reads Dreams
Contessa-Sews the Dauls together

What the sisters do:

When a couple wants a child they wish and hope for one so strongly that a Dream(a soul) is created. When that Dream is formed it is sent to the sisters, full of all the hopes and dreams the parents have for the child, including how it is to look. The sisters take the Dream and create the Daul, then send it back to it's parents.

The Separation:

The 4 sisters worked in harmony for many years but along the way Contessa wondered why they didn't use more of the power at their disposal. Secretly she practiced dark magics planning and plotting her uprise. Arista grew suspicious of her increasingly estranged sister and confronted her. They fought in a magic duel and Contessa cursed Arista turning her into a life sized marionette and banished her deep into Nocturna Forest.(This is expanded upon in Myths and Legends:The Marionette Queen.)
Afterwards the sisters were just 3, with the work load increased the other two failed to notice Contessa slipping into evil, and cursing the Prince of Nox. Contessa left the mountain to rule her newly acquired kingdom, leaving her remaining 2 sisters with double their original load of work atop the cold mountains.

IV. What makes a Daul

An in depth look at Dauls:

Dauls are the main inhabitants of Avernyght. Their bodies are made up of Kawtin, stuffed into bodies made of special cloth, sewn together with magic threads. Dauls can exist due to their Dreams, which dwell deep inside of them. Dauls function similar to humans, they eat, sleep, live. They do not breathe, however. Average height for Dauls is Male: 5' 5/6”; Female: 5' ¾”. Dauls are intelligent beings, they've been able to create structured societies, complete with castes, monarchies, and monetary systems. Dauls age slower than humans, it takes them around 80 years to progress to adulthood, and can live forever, but they are not immortal, just eternal; if life is not interfered with a Daul can live forever. Dauls can communicate verbally as well as through thought projection, much like most creatures on Avernyght. Thought projection is a telepathic form of communication that can be restricted to short range or a few individuals or a large area. Because of their heightened mental selves if you speak to a Daul in a manner of seconds they can speak your language, and since all Dauls are connected, every Daul can learn what one does. Not in an all knowing sense but in a collective knowledge sense. And because they are linked to their original creator, the four sisters' Arista, she learns what they learn. Instead of tattoo's the Dauls get patches(Like image patches or appliqués). Dauls express emotion through physical closeness-anything that brings their Dreams together to share in the glow and warmth.

What types of Dauls there are:

Royal Dauls can be distinguished by they're many bright and colorful patches. You know when you're looking at a Royal because their very construct demands you look at them.

A Military Daul is similar to a Peasant with the exception that their build is very large chested and all patchwork is identical; most Military Dauls look the same.

Peasants are mostly made up of earth toned patchwork. They function normally, they run shops and farm.

Slave Dauls:
Slave Dauls are Dauls created by Contessa. They are about 3' tall and have no mouths. They cannot communicate verbally, they can only use thought projection. They must do whatever Contessa tells them to for they have no control over themselves for she has stolen their Dreams.

The Effects of the Human world on Dauls:

When a Daul enters the Human world it becomes mute and motionless, basically like a life sized doll. It is still conscious but is cannot move itself and is unable to speak. They are very susceptible to injury and death in this state.

The power of Dreams:

Dream, a Daul's soul, is a source of great energy and power. If a Dream is extracted from a Daul whoever has it can control that Daul. This is how Contessa is able to control her slave Dauls. By encasing the Dream in a special box the Dream is secure and cannot escape to return to it's Daul. Dreams vary in power, it depends on the Daul. When a Dream is released from it's body through fatal injury it returns to the 4 Sisters and they send it into the sky to become a star. If a Dream returns to the sisters on the mountain, the Daul dies. Contessa steals Dreams from living Dauls to create her Toujh army. Once the Dreams are in use by another host the original Daul dies. To create her slave Dauls, Contessa used dreams of the dead, a sort of reincarnation. The new Dauls have no memories of their past lives.

V. The Great War

Information on the Toujhs:

Contessa's evil army. The Toujh were created by Contessa out of hard materials and stolen dreams. They are reminiscent of zombie like Dauls. Common Daul weapons cannot harm them. During the war they took control of the Swamplands as a base for themselves.

Effects of the war:

The Great War destroyed many kingdoms and had millions of casualties. The king and queen of Nox were killed and their prince missing, Contessa took this time to conquer the kingdoms her army had taken. After the war the planet was ruled by Contessa's greedy fist. The great kingdom of Nox became her capital. The once proud Dauls doomed to servitude of the evil witch.

VI. Terminology

Glossary of Terms:

Avernyght-The Planet

Bats-as they are on earth, though mainly albinos

Cathor- Largest moon.

Daul-Native creature of Avernyght; Rag doll type creature

David Cane's Diaries-Books accounting David Cane's expeditions to Avernyght.

Ferrelise-a burrowing flying animal

Foresters-Shadow creatures

Gremlin Seekers- Gliding creatures that live in the Great Gremlin Tree

Hawlse- A type of bird

Herperin-Eastern Ocean

Kanu-Day cycle

Kawtin- Mystical fiber crop grown on the side of Mt. Nuru, used to stuff Dauls and spin enchanted thread.

Kolgoth- A blind molebear that preys on micies

Lunnette-The northern most kingdom

Medor-smallest moon

Merish- Mer creatures that are self centered and obsessed with shiny things.

Micie-small puff-ball type animal, can teleport

Nocturna-the largest forest on the planet-home to micies, foresters, and the Marionette Queen

Norsana-the name for all 3 night cycle moons

Nox-the main kingdom

Nuru-the large mountain range on the north eastern side of the planet

Ranu-night cycle

Serelan-Western ocean

Season Room-rooms wealthy Dauls add in their homes to mimic human seasons for ambiance

Taylar-A special metal found only in the swamplands

Tersana-The Black Ring-The sun eclipsed by a moon

The Great Gremlin Tree-the tallest, oldest tree on the planet and is rumored to be the birthplace of the 4 sisters. It is inhabited by Gremlin Seekers. It's fruit has amazing regenerative powers.

The Great War-The war between the Toujh and the Dauls

The Marionette Queen-A fabled Marionette woman deep within Nocturna Forest

The Sleeping Man-A human named Bartholomew who came to Avernyght and fell asleep, lost somewhere deep in the castle. He is an artist from the 1900's who was part of the first expeditions to Avernyght

The 4 Sisters-4 beings as old as time that maintain order in the universe of Avernyght

Toujh- unnatural creatures with hard bodies that are like undead Dauls

Vothor-mid sized moon

Common phrases:

"For bat's sake"

"What in the four moons"

"By the Sisters"

VII. Myths and Legends


The Sleeping Man: In the early 1900's a small group from a small European village discovered a portal to Avernyght in the cellar of David Cane's home. He and his friends, each of reasonable wealth, decided to begin a series of expeditions to the new world. This group consisted of David Cane, Bartholomew Morriso, Cedric DeBerro, and Elias Northan. Over the course of 2 months the men ventured into the strange world, bringing things from Earth and a small committee of Dauls would do the same. The humans noticed that the more time they spent on Avernyght the more exhausted they became. Cedric and Elias chose to end their expeditions but David and Bartholomew pressed on. Until the day the Dauls never returned from Earth. The rest of the Dauls along with David and Bartholomew decided it would be safest to close the portal. David barely made it out before falling asleep but Bartholomew was never found and is said to be lost somewhere in Avernyght, fast asleep. David kept diaries full of Bartholomew and his journeys in Avernyght, along with his theories on the Gremlin Tree and it's ability to grant eternal life. These diaries are now in the care of the young Baron DeBerro-Cedric's greatgrandson.

The Marionette Queen: Arista was the first of the four Aminosh sisters to create a dream, and from that they began to create the Dauls. Over time Contessa grew tired with her place in life, so powerful yet all her time was spent making Dauls. She grew power mad and wanted more, so she concocted a plan. Arista became aware of her sisters plot and challenged her. Contessa had been practicing with new magics, dark magics, and was able to defeat Arista by turning her into a life sized marionette. She discarded her sister in Nocturna Forest and left her there to rot.

Magic: Magic on Avernyght is both something you can learn and something you can be born with. All of the magic and life in the planet comes from the Great Gremlin Tree. In later years magic is far less common and only a small number know how to use it.

The Great Gremlin Tree: Over a million years ago magically gifted creatures called Aminosh inhabited the planet. That was long ago when there was still light on Avernyght. One day a great burning light in the sky was drawn in by Tersana and exploded creating the great dust cloud around the planet and destroying the proud Aminosh, bringing darkness to Avernyght. The great tree in the middle of the swamplands which served as a great source of power for the planet and the Aminosh protected 4 sisters from the devastation but changed them completely. The sisters became engulfed in darkness and their powers became even greater. The Great Gremlin Tree governs the planet and the sisters. It's fruit (a pear-like melon) has amazing regenerative powers and can grant eternal life. The Aminosh were extremely sensitive to the Tree and could even feel the plant living.

VIII. Updates and Changes

April 06, 2006-Mary added info on the debris ring and updated the Gremlin Tree. Added Merish to creatures.

May 15, 2006-Mary changed Gremlin Gliders to Gremlin Seekers.

May 18, 2006-Mary changed part of the sleeping man definition and changed how long it takes a Daul to reach adulthood. Also added Merish to the Dictionary. Updated the Gremlin Tree deffinition. Added summary and info on The Sleeping Man. Added information on The Great Gremlin Tree. Added info on the Marionette Queen.

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