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December 3, 2014

Endings and Beginnings

After taking some time off during the hiatus I did a lot of soul searching about this project. Much more than I had before.

The conclusion I came to is that I simply cannot do what I want to with this series in comic form.
I know what you're probably thinking: How can you not do what you want with a visual format?

Well basically, the reason this started as a comic is I didn't feel strong enough as a writer. It also was supposed to be not just me working on it and, over the years, that is what it has become. To put it simply, the scope I want the project to take is too big for me to be churning out a page a week of varying quality.

Since I started in 2003 (yes 2003, over ten years), I have become much more confident in my writing.

What is going to happen to the comic?
Well, I'm not going to make it anymore. I thank all of you that have stuck around and will say if you like my art please check out Bad Moon Rising or my tumblr or my deviantArt.

If you like Avernyght keep an eye on the tumblr I linked above, there is an avernyght tag you can check out that will have any posts pertaining to Avernyght specifically.

I must say again, THANK YOU if you have shared this journey with me. It's been through my pushing it back for other stories many times, it's been through the death of my brother, it's been through my resulting disillusionment, and so have you.

As Poppet and Whisp's stories are already written in script form the novelization won't take as long, but those are far from the only stories I wish to tell in this universe. Perhaps now I will have the time and avenue to tell them.